Recycled Plastic

About Us

Integrity. Innovation. service

Extra Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of technique and sincere services in the industry. We provide the best raw materials, technique and market services for the majority of customers and plastic molding factories. Our quality is highly affirmed and recommended.

We are committed to developing diversified products, such as high-performance engineering plastics, transparent engineering plastics, general-purpose engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomers, and general-purpose plastics, etc., to provide customers with a wide range of diversified choices. At the same time, we select and represent a variety of world-renowned plastic materials to make our customers' products more stable and competitive. We have many years of experience and have trained professional business services and technical personnel. We purchased a variety of quality inspection equipment in the factory to provide a full range of services, including future quality control. We have cooperation with industries such as electronic information products (high-precision components), automotive-related manufacturing products, medical equipment, home appliances, sports equipment... and other industries.

Under the innovation plan, our technical team uses the latest network information and channels to provide customers with faster and more complete product information and technical services.

  • Committed to innovation and continuous development of engineering plastic materials-related technologies and services.

  • Promote vertical integration, integrate control of raw materials and production processes, and maintain product quality.

  • Grow together with customers, reduce costs, improve production efficiency, and stable quality.

  • Expanding the scale of services and sales channels, in addition to the current fixed customer base in Taiwan and Mainland China, we extend the scope of services to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. In the future will be more focused on the world situation.